• Mac App Installation

Mac App Installation

Looking for Mac program installation services? Here at 73inc we can help you install apps on Mac devices and ensure your software and applications are functioning at their best.

Looking to update the software on your Mac or have a new device to set up? We can help you install software and set up all applications for your Mac computers and accessories. Get in touch today for an efficient and friendly service!

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Installation & Set Up Support

Our Mac technicians are experts at setting up and installing Apple Mac computers and devices. Whether you require mac repair or upgrades, you can come into our local Mac store in Ponsonby and we’ll help you with everything from transferring your data and configuring your network to syncing devices and more, so you can immediately start enjoying your upgraded machine.

Our friendly staff can assist you with a wide range of services, including:

New machine set up
Transferring your data from old machines or Time Capsule
Set up your networks, modems, and wireless Networks
Configure security and accounts
Connecting your printer
Sync with other devices
Set up parental controls
Set up email
Advise on and set up backup solutions, including online backup and cloud service

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Get a Free Assessment at 73inc

If you’re having trouble with your Mac program installation and setup, come see us at our local store and we will have your Mac or iMac device ready in no time.

We provide assessments FREE of charge and can process all your queries quickly and efficiently, often in less than an hour. As experts in Apple product repair, maintenance, and installation, we service iMacs, MacBooks, and Apple accessories. Get in touch if you have any queries and our team will be happy to help you out. Alternatively, our store is open Monday through Sunday, so come visit us at your convenience for a fast and efficient walk-in service at our Ponsonby repair shop.

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