• Resolving MacBook & iMac WiFi Issues

macbook wifi problems

Are you working on your laptop and experiencing no connection? WiFi issues may cause disruption and a lot of frustration on your end, especially when you do not know how to troubleshoot your device. If you’re experiencing MacBook WiFi problems or iMac WiFi issues, we can help you. Our team of specialists can resolve internet connection problems on your Mac devices.


iMac & MacBook WiFi Repair and Support Services

While MacBook and iMac devices are amongst the most reliable computer devices on the market today, connectivity issues may still happen, and disruption in your network connection can cause havoc to your day-to-day. If you can’t connect your MacBook or iMac to the internet, there may be a problem with your cables, network settings, ISP (internet service provider), or your device. If you are not sure what the root of the problem is and your device is experiencing WiFi issues, the technicians at 73inc can help you. We can inspect your device, diagnose possible problems, troubleshoot the system, and repair any WiFi-related issues found on your MacBook or iMac. Just hand over your device to us, and we will give you a no-obligation quote before starting any repair.
macbook wifi problems

What causes WiFi problems on my MacBook or iMac?

There may be numerous possible causes for why your device is not connecting to the internet. It may or may not be a device problem. This is why it’s vital to try and diagnose the problem to check whether it’s a problem with your network or your device. Check your WiFi connection. If the WiFi icon on your mark has an exclamation mark, it means that you are correctly connected to your router, but there is an issue with your DNS connection to the ISP. You can contact a customer service representative to help reconfigure your router settings. Check your cables and make sure everything is properly connected. Check that all external devices are plugged in, turned on, and have started up completely. You can reset these devices to make sure that they are registering a connection to the network and your computer. Check your internet service provider and see if the issue is coming from them. There may be a temporary problem with their service. If the recommendations mentioned above still do not fix your MacBook WiFi problems or iMac WiFi issues, visit us to help you diagnose possible hardware problems.

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