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Are you thinking of upgrading or reinstalling your MAC operating system? Look no further, as 73 Inc offers quick and easy upgrades and reinstallation. We provide complete services, whether a MacBook OS install, Mac OS X upgrade, iMac operating system upgrade, or you want your Apple computer’s operating system reinstalled.

You can contact us, and we will schedule an installation or update as quickly as possible. 

What is the Benefit of Apple OS & iOS Installs and Upgrades? 

Various Apple operating systems installations and upgrades have many benefits:

Access to the Latest Features: The OS or iOS continuously develops new versions offering better functionality. Plus, you get new or improved features that enhance productivity. Moreover, ensuring your system is updated means better security, good performance, and more. 

Patches to Resolve Bugs and Security Issues: Upgrading your OS or iOS means protecting your system with the latest version. There can be some vulnerabilities that can be fixed with the latest updates and security patches.  

Enhances Performance: An up-to-date system means that you are boosting the performance of your device. The latest security, flexibility, compatibility and speed from upgrades make your interface more lively 

Increase Compatibility: The developers launch new softwares and hardware systems that are more compatible with any operating system having the latest version.  

The installation of MAC OS and its upgrade means better stability, compatibility, performance, security, etc. If you are wondering, will my data be compromised during installation or upgradation? This thought is genuine. We safeguard your data and initiate a gradual step-by-step process while installing or upgrading an operating system. 

Devices We Support

From desktops and towers to laptops and all-in-ones, 73inc can support a wide range of MacOS / Mac OS X compatible devices, including:

• Apple iMac
• Apple iMac Pro
• Apple Mac Pro
• Apple Mac Mini
• Apple MacBook Air
• Apple MacBook Pro
• Apple MacBook – including Apple MacBook Retina

MacBook Screen Repair

Why Choose 73 Inc for Apple OS & iOS Installs and Upgrades

Here are the top reasons to choose us for Apple OS & iOS Installs and Upgrades: 

Timely and Efficient Service

Expert Solutions

Our skilled team has years of experience dealing with Mac software and hardware processes. Hence, the solutions are of the highest quality.
You have to contact us and bring the device, and we will start with a thorough examination. After putting the best strategy forward, we will offer the best installation and upgrades.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Easy to get in Touch

We are just a call away! You can contact us anytime and schedule a meeting. Our prompt, quick and straightforward services ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Customer-Centric Approach

Around-the-Clock Support

We want our customers to get high-quality services for any MAC or Windows device. Therefore, we understand your needs and problems and develop a long-term strategy. Also, we offer post-service support so you can use your device for years.

Competitive Pricing

Customise Services

We understand that every person has unique requirements, whether it's a personal or business device. Therefore, we listen to your needs and problems and present solutions.

Reliable 90-Day Warranty Coverage

Better Privacy and Security

We are a skilled and experienced team. Therefore, we adhere to all the laws and consider your data and privacy most important. Further, we help you migrate data or create a backup to prevent data loss.

MacBook Air & MacBook Pro

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Call 73 Inc today for all MAC repairs and Windows repairs. We aid in all software and hardware repair services, installations, upgrades, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

There can be many reasons, like low network speeds, less disk space or server issues. Apart from this, there can be other software issues too. You can bring your device to 73 Inc to initiate the upgrade. 

No, it’s not very safe to use an outdated Mac. The reason is that the outdated system has no latest security updates. Therefore, your system can be prone to attacks. So, call 73 Inc today, and we will suggest the best installation or upgrades. 

Yes, 73 Inc offers all types of software and hardware solutions. Also, we offer solutions related to screen replacement & repairs, data recovery, battery issues, and more. 

It hardly takes 30 minutes for a successful Mac OS installation. However, it also depends on the severity of problems in your device and other procedures. It’s best to discuss on call and then let us assess the device for best suggestions. 

So, contact 73 Inc today for any Mac or windows related assistance. We will be glad to assist you. 

  • Apple OS & iOS Installs

Looking for a MacBook OS install, or a Mac OSX upgrade for your Apple desktop device? If so, the team at 73inc is here to help! Whether you need an iMac operating system upgrade or you simply want your Apple computer’s operating system reinstalled, we can update your operating system for improved performance and access to all the newest features.

If you own an Apple Mac and would like some assistance installing updates for your operating system, we can help! Get in touch with 73inc today to get started.

new version update

Versions of MacOS That We Can Install Include:​

• MacOS 12.6 Monterey

• MacOS 11.0 Big Sur
• MacOS 10.15 Catalina
• MacOS 10.14 Mojave
• MacOS 10.13 High Sierra
• MacOS 10.12 Sierra
• OS X 10.11 El Capitan
• OS X 10.10 Yosemite
• Older versions

Devices We Support

From desktops and towers to laptops and all-in-ones, 73inc can support a wide range of MacOS / Mac OS X compatible devices, including:

• Apple iMac
• Apple iMac Pro
• Apple Mac Pro
• Apple Mac Mini
• Apple MacBook Air
• Apple MacBook Pro
• Apple MacBook – including Apple MacBook Retina

Our Store Location

We offer assessments FREE of charge and can process all your enquiries quickly and efficiently, often in less than an hour. As specialists in Apple product repair, maintenance, and installation, we service iMacs, MacBooks, and Apple accessories alike. Get in touch with the team if you have any queries or come visit us for a fast and efficient walk-in service at our Ponsonby repair shop today. Our dedicated team is ready and available 7 days a week.