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macbook liquid spill

We all love to sip on our favourite tea and coffee while doing our work. However, sometimes these caffeine doses become a nightmare for our devices due to spillages. You would understand it if you have ever spilled liquids on your MacBook, resulting in its damage. 

Regardless of how well-built MacBooks are, liquid spillages can truly affect their functionality resulting in glitches. That’s why, if your device witnesses such issues, you should immediately consult professionals for troubleshooting. With long-term expertise in handling damages/errors, 73inc can offer your assistance with such issues. Our 73inc professionals will immediately evaluate your device for damages and fix it timely. 

Things to Do If You Have Spilled Water On Your MacBook

Before our professionals reach you for assistance, here are a few things you can do to avoid any more damage: 

  • Unplug your MacBook and turn it off instantly. It’s recommended to do so because if you leave the Mac as it is, it may cause internal short circuits. 
  • Disconnect your Mac from external devices like mouse, USBs, headphones, etc.  
  • Dab dry any excess water that you may see on the surface. You can do so either through a clean cloth or cotton pads. Let it air dry nicely.  
  • Thoroughly inspect the device to identify any water seepage within the internals.  
  • Wait for the 73inc professionals to arrive, so they can troubleshoot the issue for you with the best strategies, including screen repairs, keyboard problem fixings, and more.   

How Can 73inc Help Resolve MacBook Liquid Spills?

73inc has the best team to troubleshoot your MacBook problems. As soon as we receive your request, our 73inc professionals immediately start working on your issue. Here’s how you can take assistance from us: 

  • On our MacBook liquid spills service page, click on Book for Repair.  
  • Now you will be prompted to enter all the basic details, along with your device number, service category, and main message. Enter everything as required. 
  • Click on submit. We will look through all the information and offer you assistance accordingly. 

dditionally, at 73inc, you can get several perks like:

  • Timely assistance 
  • Quick same-day fixes 
  • No fix, no fee policy 
  • Expert and qualified teams to handle issues 
  • Professional customer support 
  • Flexible warranties for fixes 
  • Affordable pricing structure and many more 

How Can You Avoid MacBook Liquid Spillage?

If you want to avoid any MacBook liquid damage, you must prevent any spillage initially. For that, do the following: 

  • Don’t eat and drink near the MacBook. If you can’t avoid doing so, use a lid for the same. Alternatively, it’s best to look for other options like cans for drinks, as it’s convenient to use.  
  • Cover your keyboard and laptop surfaces with sleeves for added protection. Also, use tempered glass to protect the Mac screens.  
  • Keep your MacBooks in a well-protected case when not using them.

While these are some steps/strategies that you can follow to prevent the spillage problem, if it has occurred already, don’t panic. Turn off your device and consult our professionals immediately. Being the best one-stop repair service in Auckland, we will get back to you with high-quality assistance 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. MacBooks can be easily repaired by repairing or replacing the areas that have been damaged due to liquid. However, it’s advised to take expert help for the same and not to do it yourself.  

A MacBook should not be turned on unless the water has been dried out. So it’s best to wait for at least one to two hours before turning it on again. However, please wait till you get help from 73inc professionals and let them handle the situation.  

Not at all. You shouldn’t connect your MacBook with any external devices (like chargers, USBs), etc., after a water spillage, or it may further worsen the condition.

Sadly no. MacBooks are different from other Apple devices like iPhone and Apple Watch. If you spill any water on it, you may have to follow the effective strategies (mentioned above) to avoid liquid damage.  

Any malfunctions or faults related to keyboards, touchpads, or speakers may indicate liquid damage to the MacBook. You may also see blue screens, blurry displays, or random glitches.  

Macbook Liquid Damage

When it comes to accidents or careless mistakes around our devices, nothing quite beats the tragedy of water spilled on your phone or laptop. Sure, phones have become more waterproof over the years, but sadly, the same certainly cannot be said for laptops of all shapes and sizes. Due to their size, plus being more advanced machines in general, one really cannot expect them to be waterproof to a successful level. Sure, a few drops are fine, but any more than that and you are sure to have a complete disaster on your hands if you do not act fast.
Being one of the most well-known and established services on the market today, we at 73inc have always taken the issue of MacBook liquid damage and other related MacBook accidents very seriously. Clients often come to us with water damage issues, and 95% of the time we have been able to restore the machine to working condition.
To learn about our MacBook water damage repair services, give us a call today.

macbook liquid spill

Being one of the most well-known and established services on the market today, we at 73inc have always taken the issue of Macbook liquid damage and other related Macbook accidents very seriously. Clients often come to us with water damage issues, and every single time we have made sure that the machine is returned in perfect condition.

Having the proper experience and equipment is only a part of the puzzle when it comes to repairs. When the right attitude is not employed, the service is shoddy and mediocre. Our employees strive to have the best and most positive attitude. To learn about our Macbook water damage repair services, give us a call today.

macbook liquid spill

The most important thing people fail to remember is that the issue of a liquid spill does not apply to water alone. Thinking that there is no difference in the severity level of spills on your Macbook, whether water, coffee, or iced tea is a big mistake.

Liquids that are extremely hot or cold pose a greater threat to your system than room-temperature water. One needs to be extremely careful and wary when dealing with these problems in general. Taking things too casually and putting off the repair job for a couple of weeks will cost you in the long run.

There are enough people out there who know how to do the job adequately, but few of them know how to do it well. This is precisely where we come in with our unique level of expertise and professionalism. Once our team receives your call, we will give you a time frame within which the job will be done, and our professionals will stick to it in every way possible.

We are an Auckland-based repairer. Our aim is to provide economical solutions for all Apple devices. Our pricing is structured to make it viable to restore your Apple device – unlike many other repairers. Get in touch with us today to learn more!