• Apple Mac HDD & SSD Upgrades

Signs Your system needs an HDD or SSD upgrade

•Takes too long to boot
•Slow installation or launch of applications
•Hard to multitask with system lag
•Repeated program crashes
•Slow overall computer speed
•Hard drive is running out of space

What are the benefits to HDD & SSD Upgrades?

If you simply need more hard disk space, an HDD upgrade is an ideal solution to increase space for storage. With an Apple Mac HDD upgrade, you can get more space for files and documents, and see speed increases of up to 25%. Finding your computer is running slow as it fills up with photos or movies? An HDD upgrade might be the answer.
You might also be able to upgrade to an SSD. Many newer MacBooks already have an SSD as standard hardware, but if you don’t have one you may want to consider switching. SSD stands for solid state drive, and as the name suggests, an SSD doesn’t have any moving parts. This makes it run much faster than an HDD and also makes it much less prone to failure due to components wearing out or becoming damaged.

SSD Upgrade

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