• Macbook Not Turning On

Why is my Mac not turning on?

There could be a range of causes that are preventing your Mac device from functioning as it should. From charging port issues to circuit damage, the cause of failure could be due to a wide range of reasons, including:

• Stuck power button. The power button might be jammed, stopping your device from booting.
•Liquid damage. Any liquid spills on your laptop or MacBook Pro can also cause shorting, corrosion, and prevent the device from starting up.
•Charging port issues. A broken charging port (e.g., damaged MacBook port) could be preventing power from working and components could be shorted.
•Circuit damage. Circuits inside a logic board can get damaged, in which case it may not send power to the right components.
•Trackpad damage. The circuits that power your device are controlled by the System Management Controller (SMC). The trackpad is also connected to the SMC. If a trackpad is damaged, then your SMC could be affected, and the device may not be able to power up.

As Apple repair specialists, our team of technicians can help you fix any issue your device may be having. Whether your iMac, MacBook, or iPad is not turning on, we can take a look and give you a free quote on repair costs.

Pricing is dependent on the year and the model of the machine. Therefore, the more detail you can provide us with (e.g., the machine year, model number, and history), the better service we can deliver!

Not turning on

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Is your MacBook not turning on, or is your iMac not starting? We know it can be frustrating when a device doesn’t work as it should.

Maybe your device’s power button is stuck, preventing your Mac from booting up, or it could be due to a broken or damaged charge port. There are many reasons why your device might not be turning on and some problems are easier to fix than others. No matter the cause of failure, our team of specialised technicians can get your Apple device up and running again in no time!


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