• iMac & MacBook Malware Removal & Repair

Although Apple is still top of the game with virus prevention, malware can still sneak into our Apple computers and devices. If you need MacBook malware removal or iMac malware removal, 73inc can help.

If you think your device has been hacked or infected by malware, the experts at 73Inc can troubleshoot to get your device back up to speed. Get in touch if you notice any of the following tell-tale signs:

  • Slow load speeds
  • Flashing ad campaigns on your web browser
  • Random browser extensions
  • You can no longer access personal files
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Why Choose 73inc for iMac and MacBook Malware Removal & Repair?

Here at 73Inc, we’re experts in all things Apple. We deal with MacBook and iMac repairs every day, so it’s safe to say we know what we’re doing when diagnosing and repairing your treasured tech!

Viruses, hacking, and other types of malware can be frustrating and have potentially serious consequences should your personal information become compromised. Act quickly to get experts to remove any malicious software from your computer and protect it from future attacks.

You can bring in your MacBook or iMac for a full-service check, even if you’re just suspicious of malware, viruses, or other shady software that may have invaded your device.

Here at 73Inc, we take a holistic approach to your computer’s function and overall health. Our expert technicians check from bottom to top when repairing your device, so when it’s returned to you, it’s in good working order. You can rest assured we will do our utmost not to miss any suspicious activity on your Mac, so you won’t have to see us again for a while!

When handing your Apple product to any service professional, it pays to do due diligence to ensure they’re credible. At 73Inc we’re happy to provide a proper background check, necessary credentials, and examples of our previous work. This way, you’ll rest easy knowing you’ve handed over your valuable Apple device to those who care and can care for your tech.

If you have any questions about our work, get in touch.

The team at 73inc are quick. There’s no need to book an appointment. Just drop into our Ponsonby store and explain your problem to one of our Apple experts. We’ll do our best to repair and protect your Mac from malware and get it back to you with same-day service. You can sit and wait for our technicians to remove malware and fix your device or leave it with us to pick up later – it’s up to you!

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