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Imagine you have urgent work to do, and your MacBook battery is dead. When you try to charge the device, it doesn’t turn on. Later you find out that your device is facing MacBook charging issues. Frustrating, isn’t it?  

There’s nothing to worry about, as 73inc has got your back. As we have a team of experienced and professional technicians for Apple repairs, you can stay assured of seamless repair for your MacBook charging issue. Our expert team will thoroughly inspect your Mac charger/charging point for any damages and fix it accordingly.  

What are the Reasons Behind MacBook Charging Issues? 

MacBook charging issues may occur due to multiple reasons like the ones given below: 

  • Damaged charging adapter  
  • Bugs due to software updates resulting in battery drainage 
  • Damaged or faulty ports due to accumulation 
  • Bad battery health 
  • Overheating of the charging adapter 
  • Loose connections of the power adaptor 
  • Old and worn-out chargers 
  • Incorrect cables and USBs 
Mac Repair Speciaslist

Troubleshoot MacBook Charging Issues with 73inc

To troubleshoot the MacBook charging issues, 73inc will thoroughly inspect all the areas that may cause these vulnerabilities. We look for your overall battery health, along with faulty USB cables, damaged ports, loose connections, dirt accumulations, etc. Our experts will test the charger and see if it requires any replacement or repair. 

We are one of the best Apple repair service providers for the perks like:  

  • Expert assistance for all the MacBook models 
  • Express repair services for quick fixes 
  • Long-term warranties for peace of mind 
  • Affordable pricing and durability after fixing 
  • Professional and reliable technicians to protect the MacBook from common issues 
  • Well-trained staff for seamless troubleshooting 
  • Easy service booking for MacBook repairs 
  • No fix, no fee policy 
  • No hidden charges 
  • Same-day fixing (depends on the extent of the damage) 

Moreover, requesting service with us is extremely easy. All you need to do is reach our website and click on the Book for Repair option. Add all the details as required, along with additional information about the charging issue. Submit the details, so we can check your device. Depending on the defects, we will offer you assistance with the MacBook charging problem.  

How to Maintain Your MacBook Device's Battery Health?

One of the main reasons behind MacBook charging issues is related to its battery’s bad health. That’s why you must try some efficient tips to maintain improved MacBook battery life: 

  • Charge your battery 50% every day rather than 100% to avoid short-term battery life. 
  • Don’t let your battery percentage drop to very low levels.  
  • If your MacBook has been completely unused since its purchase and you have entirely stored it in your cupboard, simply take it out once in a while and charge it to about half percentage so you don’t face any battery issues. 
  • Don’t keep your MacBook plugged in for long. Unplug the charger once it reaches a satisfactory battery level.  
  • Keep the adapters and MacBooks away from extreme heat, cold, and moisture. 
  • Always keep your Mac updated to its latest OS version to avoid any bugs or vulnerabilities.  
  • Contact professionals and get your Mac scrutinized for any possible issues/damages. 

Next time you face MacBook charging issues, feel free to contact our technicians at 73inc to enjoy the benefits of professional MacBook repair services. Our professionals will instantly troubleshoot the issue with affordable and effective solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on how you use it. However, the company claims the device will work for 1000 cycles. This means the maximum battery limit for your Mac is five years. After this, you may require replacement.  

We do offer same-day assistance with your MacBook charging issues. However, it also depends on the damage that has occurred. If our technicians feel that it needs more time to be fixed, then additional time may be needed. Ask your technician to get the exact estimate.  

Yes, we do. We offer a diverse range of services for your Mac’s hardware and software. This includes battery replacements, keyboard problems, data recovery issues, malware removal, app installation, and many more. 

The cost for MacBook charging problems depends on your issue. However, it is certainly reasonable for our customers. This means regardless of your issue, you wouldn’t have to pay a large sum for troubleshooting.   

73inc operational hours are 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays, that is, Monday to Friday and 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday. Reach us between this time frame, and we will assist you with the best services.   

A MacBook not charging can happen due to various reasons. A damaged charging port, over-run battery or a dud charging cable might be the source of your Apple computer’s woes, but it could also be something else entirely. Whatever the issue, the team at 73inc is here to help you solve it and get your computer back to full power!
We like to think of a computer’s health as holistic. Not only can we fix your MacBook’s charging issues, but we can also do a full audit of your device to ensure there are no other underlying issues. Apple products are quality goods and should be treated with care. Come to the Apple experts for professional advice to ensure your devices last the distance.
At 73inc, we know you have a busy schedule; when you visit us, there’s no need to book an appointment. Simply drop into our store with your device and charger. We will thoroughly examine and diagnose your MacBook’s charging issues so that you can be on your way with a fully-functioning device in no time!

macbook charging issues

Why Choose 73inc to Repair Your MacBook?

Charging issues can be annoying and get in the way of work, pleasure, and general day-to-day duties. Whether it’s a full battery repair or just a new charging cable, 73inc will ensure quick and reliable service to ensure your MacBook is back to its reliable self.
Bring in your MacBook or iMac for a full-service check, even if you’re just suspicious that malware viruses or other shady software have invaded your device.
Here at 73inc, we think your computer’s function and health are holistic, so we’ll check from bottom to top when repairing your device. Apple products are our bread and butter; we are experts in everything Apple. Our professional team know the ins and outs of Apple products, so you can rest assured your beloved devices are in safe hands.
If you have any questions about our work, get in touch.

Need Help to Figure Out Why Your MacBook Isn’t Charging?

If your MacBook  is not charging, 73inc are on hand to do a full tech audit on your machine. Most of the time, we can provide same-day service, so you can get results and repairs fast. Come into our store or  get in touch with us to connect with our friendly team to get your Apple product back up to charging speed.