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Mac Repairs or Replacement: Which One Do I Need

Mac Repairs or Replacement: Which One Do I Need?

Apple’s hardware is notorious for lasting quite a long time. However, no
matter how well you take care of your gadget, your Mac will outlast its
usefulness over time. At the first signs of problems with your device,
which route should you take? Repair or replacement? While there is no
right or wrong solution, you may end up spending more than you actually
need. 73inc Limited discusses when Mac repairs and replacements are the more ideal solution:

Mac Repair Speciaslist


Don’t have the cash to fund the repair? Review your Mac’s warranty first. If it’s still covered then simply bring it to the store for the repair. However, if it’s no longer covered by the warranty, it’s important to be selective with your choice of repairer. Some places could charge you highly just to look at your device. Prices vary from business to business so be sure to check reviews and ask for recommendations from friends and family.

Not everyone can afford an immediate replacement, and if not absolutely necessary, getting one just seems like pouring money down the drain. When you start experiencing problems with your Mac, the first thing you should do is have it assessed by a professional. Look for a reputable Mac repairer near me and discuss your Mac’s condition, after a thorough assessment they can suggest the best course of action for your device. Whether your laptop needs only minor repairs or a major fix, an expert can provide you with effective ways to deal with the problem.

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side and this also rings true when it comes to your Mac. Sure, buying a new laptop rather than repairing your current one is easier, but you might be tossing aside a perfectly usable Mac simply for convenience.


There are times, however, when a repair is out of the question. For instance, when the damage done to the device is so severe that repairing it would cost almost as much as getting a new one, then the latter is the better solution. Spilling a drink on your Mac’s keyboard, for example, could require the entire “top case” to be replaced. This covers the main logic board, keyboard, trackpad and battery, resulting in expensive repairs.

When considering whether to repair or replace your Mac, it’s also important to consider whether doing so would be worth the cost. If your laptop keeps getting different problems or you don’t see any more performance or usability enhancements, it would be better to replace it. Fixing it may extend its lifespan a little, but if you see yourself going back to the repair shop a few months later, it’s best to retire your device.

When deciding between a repair or replacement, we recommend bringing your Mac in for an inspection at the nearest Apple repairs near me. 73inc Limited can properly assess your device and provide you with quality repairs if needed. Contact us today!

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Mac Repairs or Replacement: Which One Do I Need

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