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DIY vs. Professional MacBook Repairs: What’s Best for Your Wallet in a Recession

With the economy shrinking for two consecutive quarters, New Zealand is now in recession. The effects of this downturn have given a hard time to the citizens, especially for daily essentials. That’s why households have been lately cutting down on their costs of groceries to keep up with the higher interest rates and the recession-inclined market. 

While it’s a great way to counter the situation through cut-outs, NZ citizens can implement smart tactics to stay strong amidst the recession for their technologies/devices. This includes trying repair instead of replacements of technical devices like MacBooks or laptops for good functionality at a reasonable cost.  

When we say MacBook repairs, it can be done via both DIY and professional ways. However, the question is, which one of these options is best during the recession? Let’s find out:

Mac Repair Speciaslist

#1 DIY MacBook Repairs

DIY MacBook repairs are done by the user itself. This means if you find any fault in your MacBook, you identify the issue and resolve it without any professional help. For minor problems, you can try out DIY MacBook repairs. 

Moreover, with the support of Apple’s Self-Service Repair Program, DIY has become more convenient now. Apple has widened its horizons for users by offering Apple parts, repair tools, and a manual in its program. By such means, users can fix their devices for possible faults associated with the battery, display, trackpad, etc. 

Not for Beginners 

The benefits of DIY MacBook repair are only useful if you are well-versed with repairments and technological modifications. If you are an absolute beginner with no previous knowledge of MacBook technicalities, you may end up vandalizing the device rather than fixing it. 

At first, it may appear as if doing repairs on your own could save you money. But simply jumping into matters without experience may cost you more than you can imagine. Besides, if it’s something complicated, you may end up taking professional help and paying double the amount. 


Additionally, DIY MacBook repairs can be too time-consuming. Instead of fixing the problem right away, you may have to comprehend the reason behind the faults and take action accordingly. Again if you do it in haste, you may end up damaging your MacBook.

#2 Professional MacBook Repairs

Professional MacBook repairs, on the other hand, are where you take help from experts to fix your MacBook issues. They are well-versed with the MacBook models and have complete knowledge of its system and hardware. As it’s their profession, these experts can identify the MacBook problem by taking a quick glance at the device. 

MacBook repair service providers also offer other benefits like:

Transparency and Convenience

MacBook repair service providers are upfront and honest with their solutions. They let you know whether your MacBook is fixable at all or not, so you don’t waste your time. Additionally, they offer convenience with their MacBook repairs through quick turnarounds and instant responses for any possible queries. 

High-quality Services

Professional MacBook repair service providers offer high-quality services with authentic part replacements and thorough scrutinization. Also, whether you are looking for screen repairs, keyboard repairs, or battery replacements, their diversity of services can help you with all the possible concerns.  

The high-quality services also ensure that you wouldn’t have to implement any frequent repairments after the device is fixed. Put simply, you can stay assured of durability for your Macs in the recession-hit market.  

Low-Cost Services

Is Mac repair costly? Not really. Most service providers charge reasonable costs for MacBook repairs, including 73inc. Also, once you hire them and make their payment, your job is done. You wouldn’t have to worry about any additional charges or tool purchases. This can save you money from the repair/tool costs that are usually associated with DIY repairments.

MacBook repair service providers, like 73inc, also offer warranty on their services for 90 days to prevent any possible (yet unlikely) faults related to repaired devices in the future.


  • Quick MacBook Fixes
  • Minimized long-term damages
  • Instant parts availability
  • Backed up professional expertise and flexibility

#3 DIY vs. Professional MacBook Repairs: The Better Choice

The winner is professional MacBook repair services. As MacBook has a complex framework, it isn’t worth using DIY approaches for its repairs unless you are well-experienced. Instead, you must choose an expert MacBook repair service provider like 73inc, who can identify and fix all the problems in a hassle-free manner. 

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