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Windows Laptop vs MacBook: Which One is Better for Students?

If you are a student who has several assignments, learning and quizzes lined up, you must know the importance of having a laptop for the same. It also helps with other realms of studying like seamless note-taking, quick writing/editing and, most importantly, group study/work. So, yes, as a student, you can’t avoid the importance of a feature-rich laptop. 

While we are at it, there are two leading names when it comes to buying laptops for students: Windows laptops and MacBooks. So, which one out of two is the best for students? If you are thinking so, then here’s a quick brief up: 

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#1 Quality

Created by Apple Inc., MacBooks are well-built with a sturdy layout and best-in-class hardware that assures it is high-quality. With their fantastic features, MacBooks offer a supreme user experience to their users. The sturdiness and system integration adds the edge that students usually require for their laptop. 

Windows laptops are definitely more diverse, with many brands offering good quality and overall structure, however, as compared to Mac, the quality may be a little less. Why is it beneficial? Well, thanks to the quality, MacBooks don’t require frequent repairs/replacement, however, windows repairs are comparatively common. So, this round goes to the MacBook.  

#2 Cost

Next in line is the cost, where MacBook may not be the best option for students for obvious reasons. Students who are on budget can buy MacBook Air 1, which is currently priced at $999 and is the cheapest of all. 

Meanwhile, for Windows laptops, there are many options for much lower prices and incredible functionalities. You can find budget laptops like HP Laptop 17 and Acer Aspire 5 that’s integrated with the best of specifications. So if you want a decent laptop without spending too much money, a Windows laptop has the edge, and there’s no looking back. 

However, students wish for Apple MacBooks to lower their prices, as most of them are fond of their design and quality but not of their overall price. 

#3 Compatibility

Another factor that gives Windows laptops an edge is the fact that it’s compatible with all applications. But is this the same for MacBook? Not really. The MacBook may not be compatible with several crucial applications that are important for learning purposes. Yes, they do have some incredible in-house apps that can help students in different realms of learning, but still, the lack of compatibility serves as a barrier in several instances. 

Windows, on the other hand, is compatible with all the apps/games except for the ones that are MacBook exclusives. This definitely gives the convenience that the students deserve, making Windows laptops a better option in this case. 

#4 Security

In terms of security, MacBook definitely leads the race and is much better than the Windows laptop, thanks to its in-built hardware protection. MacBook also offers other security features like effective mail privacy, GateKeeper for malware, virtual Sandbox technology and FileVault encryption to ensure good safety. As Apple has total control and is responsible for making software/hardware, students can expect additional safety while learning. 

Windows, on the other hand, lacks security and is more vulnerable to cyber threats. Also, unlike Apple, which has full control, Windows laptops are associated with multiple companies, which takes away some points for security. 

Other than that, Windows laptops are more commonly used by users, and hence they are often the first target. Whether it’s any malware or cyber threat, hackers utilise the security loopholes of Windows, along with their widespread usability, to breach data. As students may have several confidential data, which cannot be violated, MacBook definitely makes a fitting laptop for security purposes.

#5 Efficiency

As a student, you just need a laptop that is efficient and high-performing for all learning-related activities. For that, MacBook wins the race, especially because it’s highly efficient and uses much less memory than a Windows laptop for performing a task. Plus, with some Apple MacBook upgrades, you can give it a nudge if it gets a little outdated. 

Windows, on the other hand, has diverse options for RAM upgradation and storage space but still lacks the efficiency that the MacBook provides. If you want a laptop that delivers the best performance for let’s say, gaming, Windows would make the perfect choice. But for learning and educational purposes, it may lack a little. 

#6 Display

MacBooks are integrated with Retina displays that have a high density of pixels and are closely packed to the screen. So, if you want a sharper display for your school/college work, MacBook can surely deliver you the same. In fact, it’s considered ideal for students who are into designing or other creative fields, like art or editing. 

If you find a generic Windows laptop, the display may not match the level of a MacBook. However, if you move towards a high-end Windows laptop, you may get the same display quality.  

#7 User Friendliness

When it comes to user-friendliness and easy navigation, MacBook is designed to deliver both, thanks to its intuitive OS. In fact, MacBooks are also ideal for running applications smoothly as the company itself designs hardware/software. Windows lacks such exclusive control, and that’s why many students may not find it as user-friendly as the MacBook.

#8 Apple vs. Windows: The Better Option for Students

Now that you know about the difference between both, you must be curious to know our final verdict as to which one is better for students. 

*Drum rolls* 

Well, although it depends on the budget and specifications, the better option, as per our comparison, is the MacBook. Whether it’s for their user-friendliness, impeccable OS, display, efficiency or security, MacBook has the edge in many significant realms that are important for students. 

Yes, they are a bit high on budget, and there are some compatibility issues, but you cannot avoid the performance they deliver in exchange for your investment. Windows laptops are perfect if you need decent functionality and compatibility at a low cost. But, in certain instances, they lack a little more than MacBooks.

Now, which one should you buy between the two? Depends on your budget and requirements. However, MacBooks would definitely make a better option.

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