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Struggling with an old iMac OS and its sluggish performance? You probably need an upgrade. Despite how fascinating and straightforward it sounds, upgrading an iMac yourself can be a tough task. That’s why our professionals at 73inc are here to help you out. 

As we have an extensive team of highly professional, skilled and qualified technicians, you can stay assured of seamless upgrades for your iMac OS. We are also well-equipped with the best tools and technologies, so you wouldn’t have to face any trouble whatsoever.

Why Should You Update Your iMac Regularly?

An outdated iMac can expose your device to common nuisances. In fact, if you don’t update it for long, you may eventually lose out on its efficiency. Here are some other reasons why iMac upgrades are a must:

Timely and Efficient Service

Keeps Your Device Protected

It may seem a little odd for an Apple device to struggle with security issues, but if your iMac has been outdated for a long, you may witness malware, spyware and virus attacks. That's because a new iMac OS update comes with brand new security features to keep the cyberattacks at bay. In such cases, if you don't update your iMac OS, you may miss out on these exclusive features that can protect your device efficiently.

Customer-Centric Approach

Prevents Bugs

Although its likelihood is less, the iMac is not immune to bugs. That's why Apple keeps introducing new updates to ensure bug fixes. When you don't upgrade your iMac to the latest version, you are lacking on new bug fixes. This may backfire and introduce bugs or other vulnerabilities to your device.

Satisfaction Guarantee

New Applications and Games

iMac updates are important to access applications and games that work on the latest OS. That's because some apps/games only support the newest version of the OS. So, if you have been facing an issue using any app on your iMac lately, it could be related to your outdated iMac OS.

Competitive Pricing

Latest Features

With the latest iMac OS updates, you can expect new functionalities, features and additions on your device (along with security and bug fixes). If you miss upgrading it, you may miss out on these features as well. Additionally, updates can introduce new iMac efficiencies and eventually lead to a faster and better version of your device.

How Can 73inc Help?

73inc offers safe and seamless upgrades for your iMac. As we have long-term expertise in the sector, you can expect best-in-class outcomes with us. Here are some other reasons that make us ideal for your iMac upgrades in Auckland:

  • Affordable price and no hidden charges for the services
  • Experienced and skilled technicians to diagnose and fix Mac OS update issues
  • Rigorous testing and quality checks after the upgrade
  • Quick upgrade for a time-saving and effort-saving outcome.
  • Diverse services besides upgrades like iMac repairs, fixes, and data recovery
  • Long-term warranties on the repaired devices
  • Immediate customer support for your queries
  • Equipped with tools and technologies for best-in-class services
  • Secured with no fix no fee protocol

We offer assistance based on your convenience. You can send us your queries through a message by filling out a quick form or reach our Auckland office too. Feel free to contact us for any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. An upgraded iMac OS can keep your device free from bugs, security issues and cyber vulnerabilities. It’s recommended to always keep your iMac upgraded to its latest version to prevent any loopholes and possible issues.

It depends on your query. Usually, our technicians should be able to upgrade your iMac within one hour, so yes, same-day service is possible. However, for any other fault/issue, it may take more time. Speak to our technician to verify whether the same-day service is applicable or not.

Yes, we do. Our technicians are trained to scrutinize your device and identify the issues related to your iMac. They can check the device and see what else your iMac requires besides an OS upgrade. We also offer user guides/blogs related to tips and tricks to revive your Apple devices.

No Fix No Fee protocol means we wouldn’t charge any money if we fail to troubleshoot your issue. This makes our services more transparent and feasible for the customers.

73inc offers assistance with both Apple repairs and Windows repairs. We can troubleshoot all your queries related to hardware, softwares and accidental damages. As for other brands, we deal with Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, HP and Acer devices too. 

Is your iMac operating below capacity ? It’s possible that there’s time to update.Updating an iMac regularly is important for several reasons. Updates improve the performance of your computer, making it run faster and more efficiently. Also Software updates often include patches for security vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers to gain unauthorised access to your computer or steal personal information. Additionally, running an older version of macOS, some apps may not be compatible with your system and may not function properly. It is important to update your iMac from a trusted repair services brand such as 73 inc, because here at the centre, we have the expertise and equipment to ensure that your computer is running at its best.

SSD Upgrade
SSD Upgrade

We ensure to install the latest software updates, which can help improve performance and fix any known bugs. Using the services of 73 inc also ensures that your computer is serviced by qualified technicians who are familiar with iMacs, and that any replacement parts used are of high quality. Furthermore, keeping your iMac updated can also help keep your personal information secure by patching any security vulnerabilities.