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Mac Repair Speciaslist
Mac Repair Speciaslist

Are you facing connectivity issues with your iMac keyboard? Or is your iMac keyboard becoming non-responsive?

If yes, then it is possible that your iMac keyboard is dirty or the keys get clogged with debris. Moreover, if the keyboard has sustained physical damage, it is also a sign of a faulty iMac keyboard.

Whatever the issue is, 73 Inc has the solution for your iMac keyboard issues. We specialise in repairing iMac keyboards for all models. Our team of experienced and skilled technicians are experts in the latest iMac keyboard repair techniques.

Common iMac Keyboard issues

iMac keyboards may experience a variety of issues. Here are some common keyboard problems that we can handle:

Non-Responsive or Stuck Keys: If some keys of the iMac keyboard are unresponsive or remain stuck, our expert technicians can identify the cause and perform the necessary repairs. We can resolve connectivity issues or fix internal components.

Connectivity Issues: When the iMac keyboard is not connecting to the iMac or experiencing wireless connectivity problems, 73 Inc can troubleshoot the connection and solve the issue.

False Cursor Movement: If the trackpad of the iMac keyboard is malfunctioning or if the cursor is not moving properly, our iMac keyboard repair professionals can fix the underlying cause.

Liquid Damage: Accidental spills can cause severe damage to the iMac keyboard. We have the expertise to assess the extent of the liquid damage and perform necessary iMac keyboard repairs or replacements.

Our iMac keyboard services include:

  •  Fault finding
  • General repairs
  • Servicing
  • Maintenance
  • Restoration
  • Sticking key repairs
Mac Repair Speciaslist

Contact 73 Inc for Professional iMac Keyboard Repair in Auckland

If live in Auckland and are in need of facing iMac keyboard issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to 73 Inc. Visit our store or contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our services.

Why Choose Us for iMac Keyboard Issues?

Here are some of the best reasons why choose 73 Inc for iMac keyboard repair:

Expertise and Knowledge: Certified technicians possess the necessary knowledge and experience to diagnose and repair iMac keyboard issues effectively. Our technicians are familiar with the intricate workings of iMac keyboards and can identify underlying issues in no time.

Affordable iMac Keyboard Repair: When we say we offer the best iMac keyboard repair in Auckland, we mean it. There are no hidden charges, and everything is transparent with you.

High-Quality Parts: 73 Inc uses only the highest-quality parts to ensure that your iMac keyboard works properly for years to come.

Minimum Turnaround Time: We do understand the importance of getting your device back to you as soon as possible. Therefore, we do iMac keyboard repair in a timely and efficient manner. 73 Inc offers a fast turnaround time for iMac keyboard repair in Auckland.

Mac Repair Speciaslist

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Holly stephens

Trust worthy, straightforward & professional service! reasonable pricing. Great customer service. Fast turn-around. I was really happy with 73inc. Thank-you Enzo 🙂

Holly stephens

Kyle Macfadyen

The best price I could find and the service was great too. Enzo clearly explained my options without giving me the hard sell. He also worked late so that I could pick up my repaired laptop the day before the cyclone arrived - would recommend 73inc to anyone - thanks!

Kyle Macfadyen

Robert Harley

Great service at very good prices. New battery for Macbook Pro was $500 cheaper than I was quoted by the laptop supplier. Other solid info on my charger and a full service. Great work Enzo!

Robert Harley

Frequently Asked Questions

73 Inc offers the minimum turnaround time for iMac keyboard issues in Auckland. We value our customer’s time and make our best efforts to finish the iMac keyboard repair in the minimum possible time. Most of the time, we repair iMac keyboards on the same day.

You can directly come to our shop for any issues related to the iMac keyboard. If you want an appointment, then you can call us and book your appointment as well.

Yes, you can do it, but The design and components of iMac keyboards require specialised knowledge and tools to ensure a successful repair. For this reason, we recommend you visit the professionals for iMac keyboard issues.

The cost of iMac keyboard repair can vary depending on the specific issue, the model of the iMac, and the repair service provider. Simple repairs, such as cleaning sticky keys or fixing minor connectivity issues, may be relatively inexpensive. However, more complex problems like liquid damage or extensive component replacements can incur higher costs.

73 Inc prioritizes the safety and security of your data while repairing the iMac keyboard. However, it is always advisable to back up your important files and data before handing over your iMac for repair.

Is there a connectivity issue with your iMac’s keyboard or a non responsive keyboard ? Chances are that you have been working on an unrepaired faulty iMac keyboard. Moreover, if the keyboard is dirty or the keys are clogged with debris, it can make typing difficult and may cause keys to stick or not respond properly. If the keyboard has sustained physical damage, like from spills or falling, it might also cause certain keys to malfunction or work erratically. 73 inc has the solution you need to get rid of all your iMac keyboard issues. As a top-rated and affordable service provider, we at 73 inc specialise  in repairing iMac keyboards and have a team of experienced technicians who are well-versed in the latest repair techniques. We use only the highest-quality parts to ensure that your device is returned to you in perfect working condition. In addition to their affordable rates, 73 inc also offers a fast turnaround time for their repairs. We do understand the importance of getting your device back to you as soon as possible and work diligently to complete repairs in a timely and efficient manner. Overall, 73 inc is the best choice for iMac keyboard repairing services. We also understand that iMacs are an important investment for our customers and strive to provide repair services that are both affordable and of the highest quality.

Mac Repair Speciaslist