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Do you need a MacBook trackpad replacement in Auckland? 73 Inc is here to help. We provide fast and affordable Apple trackpad replacements in Auckland and surrounding areas.

Trackpad is one of the most-frequently-used parts in your MacBook. In fact, you cannot imagine working productivity without a properly working trackpad. A faulty Apple trackpad can cause a variety of issues for users, including difficulty navigating the cursor, difficulty clicking, and difficulty using gesture controls. And this can be very frustrating.

So, when you notice that it is not working as intended, you may need to repair or replace the MacBook trackpad.

With 73 Inc, we give you confidence that your Apple trackpad will be restored to factory standards. You will be entirely satisfied with the services provided.

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Reliable Apple Trackpad Replacement with Quick Turnaround

Depending on the severity of the issue, your MacBook’s trackpad may require to be repaired or replaced. This can cause additional downtime for you. So, you need a professional MacBook trackpad replacement service provider that guarantees fast and efficient services.

Here, at 73 Inc, we value your time, so we perform the repair or replacement service in the shortest possible time period. In some cases, we can provide the same-day MacBook trackpad replacement, if possible.

Our team of professional and skilled technicians have a wealth of knowledge pertaining to all aspects of Apple device repair. We use the best quality components and protect our services with a 90-day warranty period.

Why Choose Us for MacBook Trackpad Replacement in Auckland?

Our Expertise: Our team has highly skilled technicians with vast experience in repairing and replacing MacBook trackpads. So, we ensure accurate diagnoses and efficient solutions.

Best Quality Services: We focus on delivering top-notch service to all our customers. Our Apple trackpad repairs are carried out using top-quality Apple parts, ensuring optimal performance and long-lasting solutions.

Fast Turnaround: We understand the importance of your MacBook in your daily life. So, we strive to provide a quick turnaround time for MacBook trackpad repairs, minimizing disruptions to your operations and productivity.

Cost-effective Solutions: At 73 Inc., we provide you with cost-effective solutions while maintaining the best quality standards. We give accurate upfront cost estimates. No hidden charges!

90-Day Warranty: We back up our services with a 90-day warranty on MacBook trackpad replacement or repair. So, your investment is safe with us.

Customer Satisfaction: We strive to deliver exceptional customer service, addressing all your Apple MacBook concerns promptly and ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Convenient Location: The 73 Inc store is conveniently located in Auckland. So, you can easily drop off your Macbook for trackpad repair or replacement.

Got a faulty MacBook trackpad? 73 Inc is here for you!

Mac Repair Speciaslist

Common Signs Your Apple Trackpad Needs Replacement

Contact our technicians as soon as you notice the following signs:

  • MacBook’s touchpad is not clicking
  • Slow and stick trackpad
  • Liquid damage to your trackpad
  • Heating touchpad
  • Broke or cracked trackpad
  • The cursor freezes and does not respond
  • The mouse points move randomly

There could be other issues with your MacBook trackpad. MacBook runs on super-advanced technology. So, when you notice any issues, contact 73 Inc to get it fixed quickly, the situation becomes worse.

When you reach us, we will assess the issue to determine whether your device needs a repair or replacement of the MacBook trackpad.


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Holly stephens

Trust worthy, straightforward & professional service! reasonable pricing. Great customer service. Fast turn-around. I was really happy with 73inc. Thank-you Enzo 🙂

Holly stephens

Kyle Macfadyen

The best price I could find and the service was great too. Enzo clearly explained my options without giving me the hard sell. He also worked late so that I could pick up my repaired laptop the day before the cyclone arrived - would recommend 73inc to anyone - thanks!

Kyle Macfadyen

Robert Harley

Great service at very good prices. New battery for Macbook Pro was $500 cheaper than I was quoted by the laptop supplier. Other solid info on my charger and a full service. Great work Enzo!

Robert Harley

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our technicians can handle trackpads experiencing liquid damage. We will assess the extent of the damage and provide replacements or repairs as needed.

Yes. As mentioned above, we provide a 90-day warranty on all our Apple trackpad replacement and repair services. Please contact our team to learn more about our warranty policy.

The time involved in the process can vary according to the availability of parts and the complexity of the issue. We usually complete the process within 1-3 business days. We may also provide same-day Apple trackpad replacement services, if possible.

Yes. We offer Apple Trackpad replacement for both new and old legacy models of MacBook.

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Struggling to stay consistent at work due to your apple trackpad problem ? This is the time you might need our professional service of apple trackpad replacement. A faulty apple trackpad can cause a variety of issues for users, including difficulty navigating the cursor, difficulty clicking, and difficulty using gesture controls. Depending on the severity of the issue, it may also require the device to be repaired or replaced, which can cause additional downtime for the user. Repairing a damaged Apple trackpad is crucial for preserving the operability and ease of use of your apple device. It is imperative to locate a dependable and resourceful service provider like us to guarantee that your repair is executed competently and expeditiously. Here at 73 inc we offer a superior and cost-effective option for repair services. Possessing a team of highly skilled technicians who encompasses a wealth of knowledge pertaining to all aspects of Apple device repair. We utilise only the most premium quality components and protect our repair services by a 90-day warranty period. With 73 inc, you can have confidence that your Apple trackpad will be restored to factory standards and that you will be entirely satisfied with the service provided.

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