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Is it time to replace your MacBook Pro’s battery? Are you looking for a professional, quick, and affordable MacBook Pro Battery Replacement service in Auckland? If yes, you’re in the right place.

Here, at 73 Inc, we understand the importance of a fully functioning battery for your MacBook Pro. With our experienced technicians and top-quality replacement batteries, we guarantee a hassle-free experience when restoring the life of your MacBook Pro. Our 90-day warranty backs our MacBook Pro battery replacement service. So, your investment in our service is safe. 

So, if your laptop’s battery is draining fast or you want to replace it for any reason, simply bring your MacBook Pro to our store. Our skilled technician will quickly replace the battery so that your device returns to work in the shortest possible time.

Book your Mac Pro or MacBook Pro battery replacement with us.

MacBook Pro Battery Replacement Cost

The cost of a MacBook Pro battery replacement depends on the model you own. Replacing batteries of older or less common models cost higher than widely-used and more recent models. It’s because older models often need specialized batteries. Also, batteries with higher capacities may be more expensive than standard options.

At 73 Inc, we offer cost-effective MacBook battery replacement services that fit every model, battery type, and budget. Transparent pricing with no hidden costs.

Signs it is Time to Replace Your MacBook Pro Battery

As soon as the battery cycle of your laptop nears 1,000, you should consider the MacBook Pro battery replacement. Upgrading the battery can help prolong the life of your device and improve its performance.

Here are the signs it’s time to replace your MacBook Pro battery:

  • Your MacBook gives you the battery service warning – “Replace Soon,” “Replace Now,” or “Service Battery.
  • The battery drains fast, and you’ve to keep the charger plugged in.
  • The battery starts to expand or swell
  • Unexpected shutdowns
  • Device overheating

At 73 Inc, our technicians will conduct a diagnostic to assess the condition of the battery and identify other potential issues. Accordingly, we will provide you with the most suitable solution.

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Why Choose 73 Inc for MacBook Pro Battery Replacement in Auckland?

Located in Auckland? Bring Your MacBook Pro To Us.

We enjoy helping our customers in Auckland with all their MacBook repair and battery replacement needs. So, bring it into our store. We’ll give you a quick on-the-spot cost, time estimate, and assurance that we can fix your problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

While you may want to replace the MacBook Pro battery yourself, it is generally recommended to let the expert technicians handle it.

Replacing MacBook Pro batteries require specialized tools and knowledge for a seamless service experience. Also, DIY replacement may not come with any warranty. Plus, you may end up damaging your device or any of its components in the DIY process.


Yes, there are several tips and tricks to improve the performance and life of your MacBook Pro battery. However, if the battery keeps draining quickly or has reached a point of major deterioration, we suggest replacing it as the most effective solution.

We value your time. So, we try to provide quick and efficient MacBook Pro battery replacement service. We keep you informed of the progress at every step and ensure that you get back your MacBook Pro as soon as possible.

If your MacBook Pro is covered by an active AppleCare warranty or AppleCare+ plan, the battery replacement may be eligible for the coverage, depending on the terms and conditions in your warranty.

Yes. 73 Inc offers mail-in services if you cannot visit our physical store. Contact our team to discuss the details and arrange shipping.