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Having an Apple product is one of the best investments you can make for yourself. They are indeed one of the best investments you can make in your business and professional outlook. It sets a standard for yourself and allows your to be a part of the ever growing and improving Apple universe. It will make transferring and receiving data all that much easier for you.

However, when something goes wrong with your Apple product or an upgrade leads to data loss, you will have to go in for a repair. This is where 73inc comes into the picture. We are one of the best Apple repair stores in New Zealand today. Whether it be a screen replacement or liquid damage repair, we are the only solution you need.

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Why Do You Need 73inc?

Gone are the days when you could place your electronics in a pile of uncooked rice and pray that it fixed itself. There are only a rare number of genuinely unfixable problems. The rest can be taken care of by our experienced team of experts at 73inc.

If your keyboard is not working, it is possible that the laptop needs a logic board repair. Something could also possibly be stuck underneath the keys, and the keyboard needs a thorough cleaning. You can only isolate the nature of the problem once you have it checked out by experts. Why do you want to take a chance with all your hard work stored in a single device?

However, just because you have run into a problem does not mean you have to pay a bomb for it. 73inc is here to be a partner for the long run. It is entirely normal to have some issues with your devices over time. 73inc ensures that you are giving it the proper care.

What Services Does 73inc Offer For Physical Damages?

The device you use will wear and tear over time which is completely normal and expected. The most frustrating times are when unexpected, physical damage occurs which tends to be generally extensive, such as a liquid spill.

You can head straight to 73inc and get whatever you need repaired. Mistakes happen and at 73inc it is our goal and priority to get you back up and running with the smallest amount of disruption possible. Our team of experts knows how to address technical and physical issues. So, you are in good hands at 73inc.

Will One Repair Work For You?

We often receive requests for single part replacements however, we feel it is absolutely necessity to fully diagnose the major components of the machine first. It would be an incredible waste of time for a customer to come in, have their battery replaced for instance, only to discover the charging port is no longer working. We want to make the repair process as smooth and hassle free as possibly by giving the customer all the information they need to make decisions about how to proceed.

In cases where you can’t solve a technical problem yourself, it’s best to turn to experts. That’s where 73inc comes in. You want to avoid taking risks with the devices holding all your work and information.

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A diagnostic fee will apply in situations where we deem it necessary to conduct thorough testing to identify the source of issues.

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