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macOS Application Problems & Repair Services

Dealing with macOS application issues? It can be frustrating when things go wrong with your device, especially when you have deadlines to meet and work to be done. Whatever OS complications your Mac is experiencing, we can help you. Contact us to fix your macOS problems today.

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macOS Repair and Support Services

If your device is experiencing issues with macOS, the team at 73inc are here to assist you however we can. We repair and provide support for all versions of macOS, including, OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks. If your Mac is having technical issues or behaving abnormally (e.g., not booting up or kicking you out during use), this may be due to the Mac operating system.

While macOS is a reliable operating system, issues may crop up from time to time. If this happens to you, simply bring your device to us and we can inspect it for you, diagnose it, and give you a quote. Your device will be in the best of hands! Our experienced technicians will diagnose the issue and perform a software repair with precision.

What if my operating system can’t be repaired?

If your operating system can’t be repaired (e.g., if the damage is too great), a clean install of macOS may be necessary. But don’t worry, if this is the case, our team can easily install macOS and complete this process for you.

To conduct a clean install of macOS, we will need to re-format the SSD or Hard Drive on your device. If this is necessary, we will also perform data recovery to ensure that your important documents and data are saved. If there are any hardware faults discovered during the software repair, we will let you know and that can also be addressed.

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If you need to reinstall macOS or repair your Apple device, you can rely on the technicians at 73inc. Get in touch with our friendly team by emailing info@73inc.nz, calling on 0800 726 622, or visiting us at our Grey Lynn store. We’re happy to help!

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